What We Do

“We help create and setup volunteer-led activities for older people all across the city, whatever activities people are interested in doing. The newer and funkier the better.”


We host volunteer-led activities in for older people in community venues across the city with a focus is on social connections, health and wellbeing and having fun. Our volunteers run groups and activities where people get together to chat, to do or make things, to get exercise, to dance around, perform, show off, and often try something new. Our activities are all low-cost, just to cover the costs and so are able to be enjoyed by all.

Along with traditional groups like coffee mornings, arts and crafts, reminiscence and gentle exercise, we try out new and different experiences like Dungeons & Dragons, Silver Gaming, Snacking on Shakespeare, Creative Expressions.

Not Just Participating

It’s not just about participating, though. You could be leading your own group or supporting another volunteer run theirs. If you have a passion you want to share, then we will can help you get your own group or activity going.

We provide training and support, insurances and safeguarding training, help find a venue, create flyers and promote it to our members and the wider public. If you don;t want to lead your own group you could help another volunteer with theirs. There’s plenty to get involved in and it can be very rewaring and fun too.

Tell me about volunteering at Lifelines


As part of Lifelines we also run the Healthlink project, where our volunteers accompany older people to health appointments such as GP, hospital and dentists. They may not want to burden their family, or family no longer live locally, or they don’t have any. It’s so much easier with company and support, so our HealthLink volunteers give you that support.

It’s not a transport service, we don’t take you there. Our volunteers go with you, wait during your appointment, and then return with you. They can wait outside during your visit or come in and take notes for you – depending on what you want. It’s a vital service for many older people and can be a very rewarding experience to both the volunteer and member.

If you’re interested in this support or in being a Healthlink volunteer, get in touch using the form on this page.