“We owe a huge debt of thanks to our team of volunteers who regularly give their time and energy to support older people across the city in our LifeLines and HealthLink projects. We would not be able to support the many people we do without them. Thank you.”

We’re a volunteer organisation and everything we do is with the help and support of volunteers. Their groups and activities help older people to stay active and socially engaged, and with our Healthlink support they help to improve health and well-being and reduce isolation.

If there is something you’re passionate about that you’d like to share, then we can help set up an activity or group for you. We can provide training and support, safeguarding and insurances, a venue to use – and we’ll promote it to our members and the wider public.

You may not want to host your own group, and may prefer to help another volunteer run theirs. We have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.