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HealthLink supports older people who are isolated or whose friends and family can’t provide support to get to their healthcare appointments. By enabling people to get to routine health appointments the scheme aims to reduce cancellations, missed health appointments as well as the need for people to make unplanned visits.

Do you have a few hours spare to accompany an older person to their GP?

You could join our HealthLink scheme and accompany older people to GP surgeries, hospital appointments, dentists, health screenings and other important routine health appointments via public transport.

HealthLink isn’t a transport scheme but your company and support can make getting to appointments much less stressful.

If you would like to find out more about the HealthLink volunteer role, or you would like support getting to your health appointments, please contact  Keira Smalley or Will Anjos on: 01273 688117

If you would like to volunteer, you can also complete our HealthLink volunteer application form and send it directly to:


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